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Dior translates its rules into ready-to-wear and creates structured pieces, and these same principles are found in the luxurious High Jewelry collection. inspired by the delicate way fabrics are draped and pleated, or the strong lines of dresses and suits, Victoire de Castellane is the ultimate tribute to the House’s heritage. Crafted with ingenuity and incredible precision, each style showcases precious stones. Diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, opals, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, onyx, malachite and other exceptional stones are set in 18-carat pure white, yellow or rose gold. Each gemstone is carefully selected for its purity and brilliance. Exquisite women’s jewelry offers vibrant and sculptural designs, featuring hand-painted pieces. The renowned craftsmanship of the ready-to-wear and accessories collections is also reflected in Dior jewelry, as the designers consider it a quintessential part of any closet. The variety of patterns and colors allows the wearer to embellish an outfit with a personalized style. Continuing the legend of Christian Dior, every woman can find meaning that resonates with her own story. These luxurious pieces are a true reflection of the mastery of Christian Dior’s jewelry atelier and will illuminate the outfits of all women.