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Each dior collection is composed of symbols such as engraved floral or cosmic and solar motifs displayed on earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. In Rose des Vents, Victoire de Castellane reimagines Christian Dior’s lucky star in the form of a wind rose, a universal symbol of travel and adventure. The eight-pointed star is also a nod to the fashion designer’s lucky number. rose Dior Bagatelle showcases Christian Dior’s favorite flower, the rose. The collection is named after the Bagatelle Park in Paris, where over 1,200 precious flowers are in bloom. The creative director incorporated the romantic charm of the garden into each piece. A signature technique of the collection is the “double bead” setting, which holds the diamonds in place and enhances their brilliance in a way that hides the gold between the two stones.Archi Dior draws inspiration from the couturier’s passion for architecture.